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wall shelving
gondola shelving
perforated shelving
magazine shelving
confectionery counters
slatted shelving
snack/crisp shelving
stationery shelving


Fruit & Veg Displays

mobile fruit & veg displays
bespoke displays
plastic trays



Remote Chiller Units
Integral Chiller Units

Sliding Lid Freezers
Glass Door Freezers



Display Cases

glass display cases
solid counters
glass display towers


Slatted boards

slatted wall sheets
slatted gondolas
slat hooks


Shop Accessories

peg hooks
security mirrors

garment/dress rails


Wire Merchandisers

stacking baskets
dump bins
5 tier basket stands


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Wall Bays
Standard Wall Unit
Snack/Crisp Wall Unit
Hardware Unit
Magazine Unit
Stationery Unit

Plain wall shelving

From £106 / bay

Shelving with risers

From £162 / bay

Use with peghooks

From £75 / bay

Multi-tier displays

From £165 / bay

Use with peghooks

From £106 / bay

Our quality shop shelving comes as a modular kit, able to be constructed in numerous ways to suit all your retail and merchandising requirements. Click on the images for prices.

Low Gondola Unit
Tall Gondola Unit
Single Sided Gondola
Perforated Gondola
Slatted Gondola

Double sided

From £160 / bay

Double sided

From £205 / bay

Panels on back

From £106 / bay

Use with peghooks

From £105 / bay

with slathooks
From £139 / bay

Shop Shelving can be connected together to make as long a run as is needed. It is quick to assemble and rearrange to make retailing your stock easy. When ordering or enquiring for a quotation, we need you to describe the configuration you require.

For Example:

  • 4 wall bays
  • 2100mm high
  • each 1000mm wide
  • 470mm deep base on each bay
  • 11 x 370mm upper shelves
  • magazine shelves, 1x1-tier, 2x2-tier, 1x3-tier
  • risers & dividers + 2 perforated panels

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