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Pallet Racking

The AR fully adjustable range of pallet racking has been researched and developed to provide the optimum strength and stability. The system provides real versatility for all storage and shelving requirements.

All AR pallet racking is finished in high gloss epoxy paint - orange beams and blue frames. It is compatible with all pallet types and sizes and is suitable for use with all types of fork trucks.

Splicing Kits
Pallet Supports
Frame Protectors

Constructed or KD

From £56.57 per frame

Up to 3.5 ton capacity

From only £24.15 per pair

To extend frames up

to heights of over 11.5 metres

Sits accross beams

to spread the weight of pallets

Protects uprights
from fork lift truck drivers

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Frame Sizes

Beam Sizes
Frame Depths
Beam Lengths, Capacities


  • 900mm
  • 1100mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1350mm x 81mm - 3500kg capacity
  • 2700mm x 96mm - 2305kg capacity
  • 2700mm x 116mm - 3110kg capacity
  • 3300mm x 146mm - 3413kg capacity
Frame Heights
Beam Cross-Sections


  • 4115mm
  • 5182mm
  • 5182mm(Heavy Duty)
  • 5791mm

Can also be extended using splicing kits.

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