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Our counters and display cases are available in 550mm, 1000mm and 1250mm lengths. Toughened safety glass is as standard, they have 1/4" round alloy frames and chrome corner knuckles. Tower units have spotlights as standard.
Display Cases/Counters
All Glass 1250mm
Quarter Glass 1250mm
Solid 1250mm
Tower Unit 900mm


All Glass 1000mm
Quarter Glass 1000mm
Solid 1000mm
Tower Unit 550mm


All Glass 550mm
Quarter Glass 550mm
Solid 550mm
Corner Unit


Ideal for displaying jewellery, watches, electronics, mobile phones, fireworks, other accessories and much more...
All counters come with toughened safety glass as standard, ¼” round anodised alloy frames and chrome corner knuckles. Tower units also come with spotlights as standard.

Counters can be supplied in flat packed form for easy transportation and convenient storage, or can be constructed by Interior Shopfitters Ltd prior to delivery.

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